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Now that Christmas is over, I know you're losing sleep fretting about what to do for valentines this year. I find it hard to think of something the kids can actually help make, that doesn't take oodles of time (we've got 30+ kids in a class here!), and won't cost me an arm and a leg. I'm here to help with a collection of my favorite valentines I've made with my kids in years past.


For your son who wouldn't be caught dead passing out anything pink: STAR WARS VALENTINES 


For your daughter whose teacher has outlawed candy or anything delicious: I'M A FAN VALENTINES


For your son who thinks two pieces of candy are better than one: MR. HEART VALENTINES


For your daughter who wants to write a few special notes to her nearest and dearest: HEART CLOSURE VALENTINES


For your son who wants to make something special for each kid in his class: PORTRAIT VALENTINES


For your daughter who prefers notebooks to candy: PERSONALIZED NOTEPAD VALENTINES


And last, but not least, the ever popular: MATCHBOX VALENTINES

 Happy valentine crafting! We're off to create something new for 2013..

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