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mom beach day

On Saturday we had our first "Mom Beach Day", and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition.

During the summer we spend a lot of our time at the beach. I loved the ocean when I was a kid, and my children love it as well. There are endless ways to spend your time: running from the waves, looking at tidepools, collecting seashells, building sandcastles, chasing the seagulls... The beach is the only place where my children just play! I have to remind them to eat lunch, to drink some water, to put on some sunscreen.

And though I love going to the beach with my children, I can't say it's entirely relaxing for me. I'm always watching to make sure the kids stay close, or that they aren't about to be knocked over by a wave, or that they don't accidentally shovel sand on the person sitting next to us.

This year I sent out an invitation for "Mom Beach Day". It said something like "Join us for a child free afternoon at the beach. Read a book. Go boogie boarding. Plug in your iPod and relax! You don't have to worry that your kids are drowning!". We started at 3 PM, so that people could still spend the majority of the day with their families (and attend soccer games, etc.). Everyone brought something to eat for dinner and a little snack to share.

It felt strange to walk down to the beach with nothing but my beach chair and a good book. My husband even took Baby M (who turns three months old this week!). And I loved seeing all my friends arrive, one by one, without children in tow. I can't say I got much reading done, I spent most of my time just chatting.. it's so much easier to have a conversation when little hands aren't pulling you to the swings or reaching in your purse for crackers.

When it started to get a little bit chilly, we built a bonfire and kept on talking. And at around 8 PM, JR called and reminded me I needed to head back (to feed my baby, to kiss my children goodnight). And very happily I came home.

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I recently held a Mama party at my house and it felt a little strange at first to be setting up chairs outside but to neglect making sure the sandbox was stocked with shovels. Or to be procuring wine and beer but no juice or snacky foods. And I was a little nervous that moms would be offended that their children weren't invited.
But no! Turns out all the Mamas welcomed a night to drink beer and finish a conversation without having to manage preschool relationships and cut food into a billion pieces.

10.6.2010 | Unregistered Commenter6512 and growing

this is just what every mama needs!

10.12.2010 | Unregistered Commentermeg duerksen

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